Micah Anderson uploaded new packages for puppet which fixed the
following security problems:

  Kristian Erik Hermansen reported that an unauthenticated
  directory traversal could drop any valid X.509 Certificate Signing
  Request at any location on disk, with the privileges of the Puppet
  Master application.  This was found in the 2.7 series of Puppet, but
  the underlying vulnerability existed in earlier releases and could be
  accessed with different hostile inputs.

  Ricky Zhou discovered a potential local privilege escalation in the
  ssh_authorized_keys resource and theoretically in the Solaris and AIX
  providers, where file ownership was given away before it was written,
  leading to a possibility for a user to overwrite arbitrary files as
  root, if their authorized_keys file was managed.

  An insecure symlink attack could be made against the k5login type
  which would allow the owner of the home directory to symlink to
  anything on the system, and have it replaced with the "correct"
  content of the file, which can lead to a privilege escalation on
  puppet runs.

  A potential local privilege escalation was found in the --edit mode of
  'puppet resource' due to a persistant, predictable file name, which
  can result in editing an arbitrary target file, and thus be be tricked
  into running that arbitrary file as the invoking user. This command is
  most commonly run as root, this leads to a potential privilege

For the squeeze-backports distribution the problems have been fixed in
version 2.7.1-1~bpo60+3.