The Backports Team is pleased to announce the availability of a new
suite on backports: lenny-backports-sloppy.  Please read carefully
before considering using or uploading to it what this entails.

The Background

 You might want to ask: What's that?  Let me explain it.  During the etch
release discussions popped up on the backports list with two clashing

 * One that expected to always be able to upgrade from sarge +
   sarge-backports to etch without backports,
 * others that wanted new versions of packages flowing in even after the
   release and were happy to upgrade from sarge + sarge-backports to etch +

 The standing at that time was to accept packages that were in testing
after the release, which wasn't etch anymore but lenny.

 The same discussion started again before the lenny release, and given that
we are facing the upcoming squeeze release we started internally to discuss
how to noise down these long and tedious discussions, because both groups
of people had valid opinions that shouldn't get ignored. So this is where
the idea for lenny-backports-sloppy comes from.

The Change

 lenny-backports-sloppy will please the group that is happy to upgrade from
lenny + lenny-backports to squeeze + squeeze-backports.  lenny-backports is
meant only for packages from squeeze, even after the release.  Technically
that means it will get locked down for uploads after the release of squeeze
and require manual approval (for e.g. point release update versions, or
security updates that happen during the squeeze release cycle), while
lenny-backports-sloppy will accept packages from wheezy.  Uploading to
lenny-backport will have to get approved by the Debian Backports Team after
the squeeze release, just like uploads to lenny are currently approved by
the Release Team.

 While lenny-backports-sloppy is created already and working we ask you to
NOT upload packages there without prior discussion with the Backports Team.
This is meant to ensure that the Uploader is aware about the expectations
that come along with that:  The package should have a good chance to get
included in the next Debian release aka wheezy, and that the Uploader is
willing to look after the package in the upcoming squeeze-backports suite
after the release of squeeze to ensure upgradeability.

 In case of questions, feel free to ask either directly on the mailinglist, or contact privately.

 We are also pleased to annonce that the first upload to
lenny-backports-sloppy already happened. From now on you will be able
to install Postgresql 9.0 (which is not targeted at squeeze) from

How to use

 If you want to use lenny-backports-sloppy you will have to add both
lenny-backports and lenny-backports-sloppy to your sources.list. Backports
from lenny-backports-sloppy may depend on packages in lenny-backports.

  deb lenny-backports   main
  deb lenny-backports-sloppy main