Hi all, I'm proud to announce the start of the lenny-backports distribution. All contributors are now asked to provide new backports also for lenny-backports. But that does not mean etch-backports is dead, we will continue support for
etch-backports as long as there is security support for oldstable (aka etch). But remember that contributors are now allowed to add packages to etch-bpo which have a higher version than in lenny (because they are allowed to add versions from squeeze). So it is possible that there is no clean upgrade path from etch + backports to lenny. If you don't want this please upgrade to lenny or stop installing new package versions from etch-backports. Thanks to the unoffical buildd network we are also able to provide autobuild packages for the following architectures: arm, armel, amd64, powerpc, i386, ia64 and alpha. Possibly mips and sparc will follow. You can find more informations about the buildstatus of a package at the buildd webinterface.

Thanks for your attention Alex - ftp-master of backports.org