The backports team is proud to announce the next generation of backports:
squeeze-backports.  From now on all contributors will be able to upload
backports of packages available in wheezy (testing) to squeeze-backports.
Additionally the previously announced lenny-backports-sloppy is now officially
open for uploads.

To ensure the basic principle that a system consisting of lenny plus
lenny-backports can be upgraded to squeeze proper, the handling of the
lenny-backports branch has changed.  From now on uploads to lenny-backports
need manual approval from a backports team member similar to the handling of
the proposed-updates queue within the regular archive. Feel free to upload
packages here, especially security updates to previously backported versions,
but please ensure the versions are lower than those in stable /

If you feel the need of newer versions for lenny than which are available in
squeeze, please do upload them to lenny-backports-sloppy.  The rules for this
suite are practically the same as for squeeze-backports:  Do base your uploads
on packages available in testing (wheezy) and build them in the appropriate

Please remember when using lenny-backports-sloppy you can't easily upgrade to a
plain squeeze.  This suite is specificly meant to contain newer versions than
squeeze.  While the aim is to only carry packages that will also be provided in
squeeze-backports for upgrade possibilities, we can't guarantee that, so be

User visible change to squeeze-backports
As the apt maintainers had been so kind to introduce a new archive wide option
in squeeze, the usage of is easier than ever before:  In
the past you had to explicitly configure pinning for the backports repository
to enjoy the full feature set including upgrades to new versions of packages
you had installed from there.  As this is cumbersome, errorprone and a nuisance
this new setting got introduced.  With this feature backports get handled in a
way that updates for packages installed from squeeze-backports will happen out
of the box.

And last but definitely not least, let us send a big "thank you" to all
contributors that enjoys to have - you made it possible to
serve more than 1400 binary packages through 837 source backports since
lenny-backports got kicked into life.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much!